Benefits of a Business Website

Don’t have a website for your business? Don’t think it is needed? This list will change your mind.

1) Much Cheaper Than Print Advertising

Having a presence online is much cheaper than running paid advertising in printed publications. The maintenance costs of a website are minimum if you maintain it yourself, and the amount of information you can provide on a website would cost a small fortunate to provide in print advertising. Running advertising for your website online is also much cheaper than print advertising.

2) Educate Customers About Your Business

Advertising on TV and in printed publications is a great way to promote your business, but the amount of time and space you have is limited. On a website, you can provide customers with as much information as you wish. You can do this through written articles, pictures, sound clips, and videos. Customers can then learn all they need to know, be sold on your business, and purchase your goods and/or services.

You can also continue to advertise on TV and printed publications, but is shorter and less expensive ads to entice people to come to your website to learn more.

3) Be Available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Provide well written information about your business (including a FAQ page) on your website and customers will always be able to learn about your business, even late at night. Instead of picking up a phone, they will know they can come to your website to have their questions answered. Always being available to your customers in this manner will help maintain repeated purchases.
If you have an e-commerce feature on your website, customers will be able to make purchases from home, even when your store is closed.

4) Increase Your Customer Base

Having an e-commerce feature on your website will greatly increases the amount of potential customers you will have. This is so because people living in other states or even countries will be able to purchase your goods. When these people search online for products you sell, your website will come up in the search results, prompting them to come to your website. You can even run online advertising aimed at people in other states or countries to entice them to come make purchases on your website.

5) Focused Advertising

When advertising online, unlike in print publications, you can decide who sees and does not see your ads. If you have a product you wish to market to single men under 30 years old, then you can set the ads so only single men under 30 see them. Being able to focus your advertising in this manner will greatly improve the effectiveness of your ads. You will also get better results for spending less.

6) Increase Customer Confidence

In this day and age, customers go online to investigate business they are interested in. If you don’t have a website for them to visit, they may unfairly think you aren’t credible. On the other hand, if you have a well organized and designed website, customers will feel your business is more credible and will be more likely to purchase your goods and/or services.

7) Keep Your Customers Up to Date

On a website you can easily update customers about the latest news concerning your business. You can also keep them up to date on any sales or specials and on any new goods or services you have to offer. When customers know you take the time to keep them up to date on your business, their loyalty to your business will increase and they’ll be more likely to make repeat purchases.

8) Inexpensive Market Research

Instead of hiring focus groups or a market research company, you can place features on your website that allows customers to give you feedback. This could be done with a poll, survey, or a feedback form to fill out. You could then use this information to improve the goods and/or services you provide, which in turn will increase your revenue.

9) Customers Can Give Immediate Feedback

Having 24/7 phone support is wonderful for customers, but most business can’t afford to have one. The next best thing is having a support section on your website. Using either a form or an email, customers will be able to voice their concerns to you immediately, even if it is the middle of the night. This benefits you, because if a problem arises, instead of getting more frustrated while waiting for your business to open, a customer can send their feedback right away. They know they won’t hear back right immediately, but being able to do something right away keeps most people calm and satisfied.

10) Offer Convenience

Customers will be able to get information about your business, purchase goods and/or services, and give immediate feedback all from the convenience of their homes. They will not have to come in to your store, to get information on your goods and/or services, and will be able to immediate make purchases if they decide to. All of this will increase repeat business, customer loyalty, and increase your business’ revenue.